I Like These, Too


Just more equipment to add to the burgeoning list of stuff I want. Currently, I own more film/analog equipment than I should, though not enough to call a “collection.” Planning on making the switch entirely away from film, as soon as my therapist can pry my Mamiya RB67 (with Polaroid back) from my grip.


The orbis Flash (sic)

Why fail to capitalize the initial “o” of the name, “orbis”? I don’t know, especially when the device actually looks a lot like a big “O.” However, the gizmo is a bit ‘spensive$200the cost of the flash (if it’s the LP180) that goes in it. Still, the heart wants what the heart wants…


PocketWizard PlusX (a pair of them)

I really don’t give a carp where they come from—Adorama is fine, but so are B&H and Amazon. The cool part is, these remain compatible with later models. It’s part of the manufacturer’s desire to keep things consistent. This is definitely on the “want” end of the spectrum rather than the “need” end. A 16′ cord’ll do the same thing for 190 bucks less, as long as your flash is within 16′ of the camera.


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