Stuff I Want

This is nothing more than a wish list. I really don’t care who sees it, but certain people should, at least. I’ll link to each item with a brief description.


Fuji X100S

This little camera has it all, and the link is to an e-tailer that I trust, $250 cheaper than B&H or Amazon.


LumoPro LP 180 Flash

Probably should be at the top of the list, since it’s the one thing that would improve my photo quality without breaking the bank. Off camera flash (which ISN’T the billion year old Vivitar 283 that came with a Canon AE-1P I got from ebay).


Standard OCF Jump Starter Kit

Basically, everything else I would need for making decent photos with an off-camera flash. This really should be #2 on the list, even above the new camera, because, hey–it’s really not about the camera, anyway.


For this particular list of wants, I used David Hobby’s blog as the sole resource for information. David provides his exhaustive instruction for free and not just as a teaser to get you to buy his book (if he even has a book). Hobby’s use of light is excellent, his photos are striking, and his techniques are worth emulating.


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