I now have OCF capacity. I ordered a few things from MPEX, highly recommended by David Hobby on his strobist blog, and by me. First, MPEX* is top notch. While you are browsing their website, you are very likely to have someone ask if you need help in their chat window. Everyone I chatted with over the course of a few days seemed knowledgeable and helpful. So, if you need anything camera, visit them at www.mpex.com.


*Not sponsored by MPEX or anyone else—I just like to tell people about good service.


Now, on to the gear.


Lumopro LP180

This is a really cool flash unit. Lumopro claims a guide number of 110. I really don’t know enough about it to say whether that’s accurate, but it is quite powerful on 1/1 and is variable all the way down to 1/128 power in 1/3 stop increments. MPEX sold it to me for $20 off their listed price online, because I ordered it as part of a package. I don’t have any idea how long they plan on bundling and discounting stuff, but it seems that’s really common for them. Great folks. The flash has a 2-year warranty.


orbis ring flash

Again, bundled with the other stuff, they knocked $35 off the list price, which brought it down in range of the Ray Flash 2, which looks a little cheap.


Everything Else

The Starving-Student one-light kit. In my browser, the LP 180 flash is already selected, making the total $334.28. Without the flash, that’s more like $150, for which you get a stand, a universal translator for a really reliable wired sync, a swivel for mounting the flash and the umbrella, a white satin shoot-through umbrella, and a nice soft case for carrying stuff around. This isn’t the most compact of kits, so I really don’t plan on carrying it everywhere, but the case is a nice touch. A bunch of other gewgaws came with it, too, for making your own grid snoot, color correcting your light CTO or CTB, other color gels, and restricting or modifying the light in any way you’d like to MacGyver it. Nice, but I’m just learning the basics of OCF, yet. So I could really have done without the extra 38 bucks worth of stuff, but the discount on just the flash and the orbis was more than that. AND all the other package discounts came to another $17.50. Basically they cut 72 bucks off retail, and then tacked on $38 worth of stuff—so I really can’t complain.


Eventually, I will start posting some photos. I will probably get reamed by real photographers, but I don’t care. This is a learning experience. If it helps someone else get a leg up quicker than me, I am all for that.


Peace. Go flash somebody.


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