I don’t presume to know much about diet. But, with the new fad diets around, why not try em? Apparently according to this article, the link between animal fats and heart disease does not exist. Of course, the author Nina Teicholz has a book coming out next week. In spite of this apparent journalistic disingenuity, I have tried patterning my diet around three basic things: eliminating all vegetable oils, eating fewer carbs (because eliminating them is painful and stupid), and eating meats without worrying too much about fat content.


I am a 43 year old male professional. I am on a dual blood pressure drug, and I am supposed to be on one for cholesterol. I don’t take it, because it makes me feel like I have been beaten with a baseball bat. I am 6′ 0″ and I weigh(ed) 216 last Friday. That;s when I started my new “diet.” Since any diet is by its sheer nature a bit more of a suggestion than a regimen, I have been pretty faithful to the premises of animal fats only, and low carbs. This morning I weighed 210. Shocking? No. I fluctuate a bit. Also, the result could be from a) an actual dietary carbohydrate sensitivity, or b) simple reduction in caloric intake. I haven’t bothered counting calories, because I will never count calories. I don’t care enough to make that part of my routine. Either I keep it simple, or I don’t do it.


Now, the plan is to continue on this path for 1 month, and then have my blood drawn and cholesterol and lipids checked. I’ll even get the BP checked. I will even let you know what I’ve been eating, if this works! If not, I don’t want anyone else trying to replicate my experiment.


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