Gear for Sale

Over the past few years, I have sunk a bit of money into gear to feed my photography habit. [If you think it’s weird a blog about photography doesn’t have any photos, you’re right. I just haven’t taken the time to do that part, yet.] So, anyway, I finally realized the gear is fun, but it’s the photo that matters. My wife, who is an artist, does better with composition and lighting with the crappy point and shoot than I do with all the gadgets. I am have been the worst about collecting gear instead of developing talent. Well, no more. It’s all on eBay now. I have to keep one camera for clinical photos until I can fund the purchase of the Fuji, then the 400D is on the auction block, too. It would be neat to keep this small but quirky collection, but I better get rid of it while there’s still film being made. If you want to see anything I have still for sale, here’s the link.


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